A group 4 project 06.07.18

On June 21-22 10th grade IB stiudents were performing a group 4 project.

The general topic of the project was Water filtering systems. Students desided to check to what extent are different filters efffective.

Physics group was measuring viscousity, turbidity and surface tention of the freshly filterred water samples. Chemistry group was determining the ability of filters to clean water of colloid solutions of different metal salts. Biology group was trying to find out wether filters are effective at removing bacteria from water by seeding water samples onto the ptri dishes with agar medium. It was found, that all filter types are quite efficient in getting water much cleaner, even though none of those filters gets rid of all of the bacteria simply reducing their amount. It was also found that coal filter gets "fully stuffed" with polutants at some point, and those poluttants are released into subsequently filterred water afterwards, therefore it is mandatory to change filtering cartridges of such filters frequently during domestic use.

Student did a great job, had lots of fun and went to their summer vacation with a sense of accomplishment.