Public budgetary educational institution of Moscow "School No.1329"

The students of the IB DP program on the 25th September took part in Paper cutting workshop.
The students of the IB DP program on the 1st September took part in Team Building workshop.
Day of Knowledge celebrations started on the 3d September in school №1329.
On June 21-22 10th grade IB stiudents were performing a group 4 project.
One of the chemical workshops of the IB DP program was devoted to the solid-phase synthesis of cobalt-based dyes - CoO•ZnO (Rinman green) and CoO•Al2O3 (Cobalt blue).
On December 27 in the class of IB DP were unusual lessons.
Students and teachers of the IB class decided together how to properly organize the learning space with the Design Thinking.
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